Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Back to School!!!!


The new school year for the children at Promise Home has begun. Tuesday, May 15th marked the first day back to school for the 4 children who are attending Saharsat school in Chiang Rai.  The two older boys, Tin and Teerladet are both in the 7th grade this year. We had hoped to get them in the same school as Nittaya, Palita and Nom but we were not able to do so. They will attend Saharsat until they complete the 9th grade and then we are hoping to get them in Tesaban Five for high school.

Wiwat and Nerye are the other two children attending Saharsat school this year as well. Wiwat is in the 5th grade and Nerye is in the 3rd grade. Nerye finished 3rd in her class last year and we hope that she continues with her excellent school work. Tin, Teerladet and Wiat all finished last year with B averages and we are extremely proud of them as well.

Teerladet, Wiwat, Nerye and Tin

Ahmorntep, Wandi and Yim are all returned to Tesaban Eight on Wednesday, May 16th. Ahmorntep and Wandi are both in the 4th grade and Yim is in Pre-K 2.  Ahmorntep and Wandi both finished last year with B averages as well. Again, we are very proud of them too!!!

Nom, Nittaya and Palita are all at Tesaban Five again this year. Nom is in the 9th grade this year but she has not received her grades from last year as of yet. We are anxiously waiting to get those!!!!

The two older girls, Palita and Nittaya are now high school seniors!!!! What an exciting time for them and for all who have supported and encouraged them along the way. They are both at Tesaban Five and like Nom, we don't have their grades from last year yet.

Palita will be 18 in July and she wants to study either Business or Psychology at University. She learned of a program through Tesco Lotus/7-11 where she can study business and the companies will pay part or all of the tuition based on grades for the four years of study.  Once she completes school, she will work for the company for a number of years. She seemed very keen on that when I was talking about it with her in March.

Nittaya just turned 17 and she wants to be either a Lawyer or a Teacher. If she becomes a Lawyer, she eventually wants a position similar to that of a District Attorney here in the United States.

Front Row: Ahmorntep, Wiwat and  Palita
Middle Row: Wandi, Tin, Nerye and Yim
Back Row: Nittaya, Nom and Terrladet

The focus for us this year in addition to making sure we have funds to operate the home will be to raise enough funds and/or get sponsors for the two older girls so they can attend University.  If anyone is interested in helping out by donating or sponsoring one of the girls, please let me know. Tuition is based on the program of study but a general cost for a year is between $3,000-$4,000 US. Amazing, huh?

On another note:  Care, the young lady who has been in the United States for a year attending school has done a fantastic job in her studies here. She recently was awarded the Student of the Month award for May and at the school awards ceremony she received an Academic Letter. We are all so very proud of her and the work she has put in while here in the United States. She has been able to enjoy many different experiences while here and I think she will leave with a bundle of great memories. She was also just recently accepted into the Chiang Rai International Christian School where she will being 10th grade. We are all very, very proud of all she has accomplished this year.

Her last day of school is May 24th and then she is going on a couple of trips with one of our board members. She will get to go to Moab and then to Mount Rushmore. She will be at the Pace Meal dinner in June for us to say goodbye to her and then she will be heading back to Chiang Rai on June 25th.  We will miss her a great deal.

Here are just a few photos of some of the experiences Care had while in the United States.

Care and Emily 

Feeding the giraffe at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 

Garden of the Gods with Vannessa 

Care and a Wallaby

Echo Lake with Bryn

Corn Hole

Thanksgiving dinner with the Lee family

Getting blue highlights  


Sweet 16!!

At Copper Mountain with Bryn 


Celebrating her birthday with Honey(it was Honey's birthday as well) 


Times Square with Super Heroes
Christmas in Wisconsin 

The North Pole with Abby 

Riding the A train to downtown Denver 

With her mom and her host parents

With Isabelle 

In Philadelphia with Mary and Judy

Till next time...

God Bless,

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