Sunday, July 19, 2015

Promise Home


I just finished spending a wonderful week in Chiang Rai visiting with friends at Bethany Children and Faith Home, the Asian Mission Outreach Foundation and of course, our family at Promise Home.
What a wonderful time it was.

My niece Alicia and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday with the kids at Promise Home, playing games, coloring, purchasing new bicycles for Wandi and Teerladet (they didn't have one) and simply enjoying their company. Wandi and Teerladet were a little shy at first, but they didn't take long to warm up to us. During the week while the children were at school, Alicia and I would visit different tourist locations and then spend most of the evenings with the children. It was like I had never been away. We fell right back into the old regular routine. It was very enjoyable.

The children are doing very well and every time I see them, I notice how much more confident they are and just how well they are doing with life and school. Big reports that they are all doing very well with their classes and I am so pleased. He still has their schedule of different studies after school in the evening. They are obviously thriving with this guidance. It is heartwarming to see just how well they are doing and how their situation in life has changed for the better. We all realize that Charities Within Reach would have been able to make such an impact without the financial assistance that many of you have provided. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you seems insufficient for the tremendous impact your generosity has allowed us to make. My hope is that one day, many of you will have the opportunity to travel to Chiang Rai and meet these children yourselves. In the meantime, please just enjoy some of the many pictures we took while we visited them.

Yim and Tin

Alicia helping Amornthep and Wandi with homework


Teerladet and Palita 


Tin and Teerladet 

Nittaya and Nom 


Yim and her father, Big

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