Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Welcome Wiwat and Wareerat- New School Year Has Begun

All of the children returned back to Promise Home at the end of their summer vacation the first part of May to gear up and get ready for the new school year. Their school year started last week on May 16th and they are all getting adjusted to the new routine.

Promise Home family- Left to right: Wandi, Teerledat, Ahmorntep, Tin, Wiwat, Yim and Fon
Wareerat, Palita, (back row0 Nom, Nittaya and Big
Here is an update on all the children:

  • Palita- she is the oldest and will have a birthday in July. She is currently in the 11th grade and is studying Computers and Art. 
  • Nittaya- she just had a birthday the first part of this month. She is also in the 11th grade and is studying English and Science.
  • Nom- she is now in the 8th grade and is studying English and Science.
  • Tin- he will also have a birthday in July and is in the 6th grade. 
  • Teerladet- his birthday is in September and he is also in the 6th grade with Tin
  • Wandi- another July birthday for the home. She is in the 3rd grade
  • Ahmorntep- his birthday is in September and his is in the 3rd grade with Wandi
  • Wiwat- he is in the 3rd grade. I don't have his birthday at the moment
  • Wareerat- she is also in the 3rd grade and like Wiwat, I don't have her birthday yet. 
  • Last but not least, Yim. She is the baby of the family, her birthday is in September and she is in pre-school 2

When the children returned, they were joined by two new children that we brought to Promise Home to help. Both children came to Promise Home after being cared for by a friend in the Lisu Hill Tribe that we visit and help on a regular basis. The new children are Wareerat who is 10 years old and Wiwat who is 9. Both children were left at the hill tribe by elderly family who could no longer properly care for them after their parents separated and moved away from their original villages. This is quite common in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand and that is why our project is so vitally important. Both children came to Promise Home with very little and thanks to some generous initial donations, we have been able to get them beds, bedding and wardrobes. They are still in great need of some additional clothing because they have very little. If you find it in your heart, perhaps you could donate a small amount, earmarked for them so they can get more clothes.

Wiwat (pronounced Wi-wat) and Wareerat (pronounced Wa-ree-rat) have settled in nicely and have been welcomed into the fold by the other children. Wiwat is a smaller boy who has an engaging and sweet smile. Wareerat is very shy and timid but will come out with time. Wandi, who is the closest to her in age was the same way when she first came and Wandi is becoming more and more outgoing every day. Both are a little but should grow nicely with the love and caring of Big and Fon and all of their brothers and sisters.



In June, a family that several members of Charities Within Reach know will be visiting Chiang Rai and Promise Home. It is their first time there and I believe they will have a wonderful time. It will so nice to have friends visit the home. 

The children celebrating Nittaya's birthday

Thank you for always following along. 

Till next time..... 

God bless, 


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