Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016/2559

It is officially the new year here in Chiang Rai... My daughter and I spent a wonderful evening with the family over dinner at Baan Noi and then sharing the good things that happened in 2015/2558.

2016/2559 starts the 3rd year for Promise Home and we all know it wouldn't be where it is without both the financial and emotional support from each and every one of you. Your generosity has allowed Charities Within Reach to make a difference in the lives of our children and we sincerely thank you for that. It is our hope that we can continue to make a difference and have an impact on the children's lives. I know we can... I have already been given "Pinky Swears" from both Palita and Nittaya that they will continue their education and go on to either a Trade school or the University. Just think, two years ago they would never have dreamed that.

Our family at Promise Home wishes to thank you all for the goodness you have shared and we wish you all of the blessings of a wonderful new year. May you be blessed with good health, the love of family and friends, and may all that you wish for come true. With all of our love and gratitude.

Happy New Year!!!!

Till next time...

God Bless,

Heather and family

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Promise Home Christmas Party

We enjoyed a very special evening at Promise Home celebrating Christmas on December 22nd. The family spent much time decorating the house and then arranging a gift exchange for all of the children who attended. Big invited the landlord and his wife, who made this delicious fried noodle treat that was sweet and sour together. It was like caramel corn with the sweet glaze, raisins and then it had chives and mustard for the tart. It was delightful. The pastor from the Akha church that Big and Fon attended was there with his family as well. Pastor Paz and Bishop Ariel from Asian Mission Outreach and other members of their team made a surprise stop with lots and lots of ice cream.

Big, Fon and the children prepared a lovely dinner for us to share in fellowship. There was steamed rice, fired fish with spicy tomato sauce on the top, Massaman curry, pork soup and of course the treat from the landlords wife. Fon made another special treat of sticky rice which she cooked in bamboo sticks over an open fire. I have had this treat before and it is delicious!!! Then we had to have ice cream and a wonderful carrot cake that Pa Ann brought for us to share. Needless to say, Vannessa and I were completely stuffed when dinner was over.

Tin with the curry, fish and soup

The landlords wife and her noodle treat in front

Carrot cake

After dinner the children put on a short program with readings, singing and dancing. Of course it was in Thai so Vannessa and I did not understand most of it, but the heartfelt message and meaning of the day was clear. After the program was the gift exchange which is always highly anticipated and very exciting. There was trash and paper everywhere which reminded me of so many Christmases at my house growing up where the floor could not be seen because of all the paper. Vannessa and I received these beautiful warm knit hats and mine was even Broncos colors.

Christmas presents!!!

The evening ended with us sending lanterns into the night sky. This is a wonderful Thai tradition where you send your cares and worries away and ask for luck and well being for the new year. It is a special time to share with the kids who wanted to do a lantern with each and every one of us. There were several in the sky at one time and we followed them until they went out. It was the perfect ending to the perfect evening.

It is Christmas Eve morning here in Chiang Rai and we will be sharing the evening with our friends at Bethany Children Home, enjoying their Christmas program and gifts. While we miss our family and friends back in the United States this holiday season, we are enjoying the chance to spend this holiday with our Thai family.

Our family wishes you and your family a blessed holiday and a prosperous New Year. God bless all who have helped enrich the lives of the children and it is my hope that I have been able to convey the tremendous impact your gifts of giving have made on their lives. Each one of you have touched them in on way or another and it has made a world of difference to them.

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all!

Till next time...

God Bless,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Wow! It has been a long time since I posted a new blog on here. Guess it is time to remedy that!

My daughter Vannessa and I arrived in Chiang Rai on Saturday, December 19th to a wonderful greeting of family and friends. It was very nice to see them all at the airport to greet us.

After getting settled in our hotel, Big picked us up and took us to their new home. It is very, very pink but it is perfect for them. We got the tour of the house and it has plenty of room. Palita and Nittaya have a larger room for themselves on the main floor. It is complete with it's own bathroom just for them. There is a living room and a storage area off of the main level and then a "guest" bathroom. Upstairs are the rooms for the three boys, Tin, Teerladet and Ahomrontep and then Wandi and Nom share a room across the hall. There is a nice balcony which they can all enjoy and the room for Big, Fon and Yim is located off of that. They have a bathroom of their own and a sink outside on the balcony.

The main floor area 


The covered patio/eating area

Palita in the kitchen

The Garden 

Promise Home 

Promise Home

There is a large yard area in front of the main entrance which leads to a covered patio/eating area which is very pleasant. Off of the eating area is a kitchen. Outside of the kitchen area is the car port and a large yard for the kids to run and play in. There is little traffic so it is quiet and the kids can ride their bicycles all over the neighborhood.

We spent most of Saturday just playing with the kids and sitting on the patio area. It is very nice. I really enjoy sitting outside, even with the bugs.

Everyone is happy, healthy and doing well. It is so rewarding to see how far the children have come in the two years we have had Promise Home open. The older girls are responsible young ladies who are looking at going on to University and the younger children are doing better and better at school. All of them have been greatly influenced by the consistent, calming love and guidance from Big and Fon.

Today is Tuesday in Chiang Rai and tonight is the Christmas celebration at Promise Home. Big has a special menu planned and it should be a wonderful time spent with family.

Till next time....

God Bless,


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