Saturday, February 20, 2016

9th Grade Continuation

As parents and family members many of us have had the opportunity to share in and experience the joy of continuation or graduation. It is a day of great happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Over the years I have attended many such occasions and the pride and joy is the same each time. February 20, 2016 was no exception,  perhaps I experience even a tiny bit more joy and pride given the circumstances of girls involved. 

The members Charities Within Reach set goals to help our children get an education in the hopes that they will be allowed to better their lives in addition to the lives of their families. Our hope is that each child continues on to High School and then either University or Trade School and yesterday, Palita and Nittaya were the first of our children to take that step. Over the past three years they worked hard at their schoolwork and they were rewarded with their continuation from the 9th grade. 

When my daughter and I visited in December, Palita asked me to come and be here for this very special day in her life and thanks to many people, I was able to attend. I made my arrangements but did not tell the children as I wanted my arrival to be a surprise. It was quite the surprise indeed. I arrived at the home unannounced and once Tin recognized it was me, he immediately ran to me loudly telling the others that I was there. So much fun.

Continuation was full of much pomp and ceremony like all other such occasions and even if I couldn't understand what was being said, I understood the importance of it all. Although it was a long morning, the end was well worth it. Families from all over the area celebrated with their children and basked in the joy of their accomplishments. Today, I was allowed the gift of being one of those family members who could share in this day with my girls. Such a wonderful day!!! 

Enjoy some images of the day... 

Palita and her diploma 

Nittaya with hers

Nittaya and her mother 

Nittaya being congratulated by her mother 

Pa Ann and Palita 

Nittaya, her mother and Pa Ann 

Palita and her brothers 

The two graduates

The girls with Da 

The graduates and me 

The whole family

Till next time.... 

God Bless,

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