Sunday, August 20, 2017

Care's first week at Niwot High School


Care just finished her first week in High School in Niwot and all seems to be going well for her. She is taking the following classes: English, History, Math, Science, Chinese, Art, Drama and Cooking.

Ready for her first day of school in the United States

Walking to school with Alexandra

According to Care, all of the students and teachers have been very kind to her and she is not having too much difficulty understanding basic English. She says that when does not understand, she will go ask the teacher right away and then gets the help she needs. She had homework for the weekend and once subject was math. She told me that the home host father, Chris helped her and according to her, "Chris is very smart."

Fun ride in the convertible with Chris and Alexandra after her first week of school.

She has settled into a routine at her home away from home. Says that she has a pretty bedroom, her own bathroom and lots to eat. While she enjoys American food, she does miss some Thai food. She made some green curry one day last week and they have gone to some Asian restaurants for dinner. One thing she really misses is Papaya Salad. Said she wasn't sure if anyone here has real papaya salad. Fortunately for her, I know a great place run by a family from Bangkok and they have "real" papaya salad. I must go get her soon and take her for dinner.

It is so wonderful to see that she is doing so well. She seems very happy and is liking school over here. She is fortunate to have several people who have committed to supporting her monetarily and she has opened her own bank account. She even has a bank card. :)

I will continue communicating with her on a regular basis and will keep you updated regularly. Thank you for following along.

Until next time....

God Bless


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