Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long overdue update


I just realized today that is has been several months since I did a blog up date- Wow, how time flies when you are busy with life and all.....

In my last update, I mentioned that two new children had come to Promise Home. They have settled in nicely and have become members of the family. All of the children started back to school the first week of May and have also settled into their weekly routine. It is too soon for meetings with the teachers so we do not have any official word on how well they are doing, but Big says they are doing well. They are finishing their homework and doing what the teacher wants them to so. When we talk, they all tell me they like school and that they are doing good.

I try to talk with them on Skype once a week and while we don't have long conversations, I do get to see them and see how well they are doing. They all look happy, healthy and content. Although Wandi and Teerladet are a bit shy, they will come say hello and Wandi stands in front of the camera just looking at me. I think she is a bit curious about the technology that allows them to talk to me.

Recently Big put together a video about Promise Home. It is a wonderful video and I wish to share it with you now. I am particularly pleased that the two older girls want to finish high school and then go onto college. We will start looking at a college scholarship fund for them in the near future. Having them go off to university or a trade school is a major goal of Charities Within Reach so we want to help them reach this dream. Please enjoy the video.

Earlier today in Thailand, several members of Asian Mission Outreach Foundation (Charities Within Reach is a member of the foundation) brought together children from a Lisu Hill Tribe and Promise Home for games, singing, dancing, prayer, lessons and then food. They made a wonderful video which is also included in this blog. I hope you enjoy that one as well.

I will be traveling to Chiang Rai next month to visit with the children and the home. I am taking another one of my nieces so she can officially meet the rest of her family in Thailand. I will share our activities through the blog.

Finally, next month on July 24th- Charities Within Reach will be having a benefit concert to raise funds for the operation of the home. Acoustic guitarist, Dave Beegle and Aaron Lee will be performing and there will be drinks and food. The information is below. If you can, please make time to join us for this concert.

When: Friday, July 24th, at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Thompson River Ranch Park. Located east of I-25 between exit
255 for Highway 402 and exit 257 for Highway 34 in Loveland. Take
the frontage road to the north entrance of Thompson River Ranch
subdivision. Follow the signs for the park.
Who: Well known guitar artist, Dave Beegle, with guitarist Aaron Lee, a

member of Dave’s acoustic band.
Please RSVP to or (970) 231-6175 by July 20, 2015

Till next time....

God Bless,

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